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Keep it Social: Episode 40

Paris and Terrence come alive for the season finale of Keep It Social. Tune-in, share your thoughts, and be a part of the show! We'll be taking questions from the audience and discussing the issues that are popping across our timelines. The new Netflix documentary "The Social Dilemma" has everyone asking if they should cancel their social media accounts. The movie exposes the dark side of social media, but aren't we well aware of the risks at this point? Did the film make you want to ghost social? A federal judge ruled against the Trump Administration's decision to ban TikTok, saving the popular app for now. The judge, however, did not block a much broader ban set to come into effect on Nov. 12 in the U.S., which could effectively make TikTok unusable. Wasn't there a deal between ByteDance, Oracle, and Walmart to save TikTok? If it does go away, how will that impact you? Is Tory Lanez cancelled? The rapper is facing severe backlash on social media for releasing an album telling his side of the events surrounding the alleged shooting of Megan Thee Stallion. Media outlets have already said they will not cover any new music from Tory Lanez and many are wondered if he has been cancelled - like R. Kelly. Can you separate the artist from the art? Is this a new trend from brands to distance themselves from people with checkered backgrounds - in light of the #StopHateForProfit campaign. And, in case you haven't noticed, it's an election year. How has social media shaped the narrative around the election? All of the events that are going to impact how we vote have been the subject of heated debates online: Covid-19, social unrest, climate change, the economy, the Supreme Court, just to name a few. What role is social media playing in the election? What role does it play in how you develop your opinions about something? What influences the way you vote? Join the live show and chat with Paris and Terrence and make your voice heard! Live stream starts at 6:00pm Tuesday, September 29.

Keep it Social: Episode 39

We’re back with Volume 8 of Hot Takes! This week our friend and New York Post Reporter Marisa Dellatto joins Paris and Terrence to talk about how celebrities like Taylor Swift are encouraging their followers on social media to register and vote in the upcoming election. But shouldn’t we take this time to educate voters about the issues as well? What does it say about us that we need celebrities to remind us to vote? Taylor Swift isn’t alone in these efforts, as many social platforms are also pushing users to register by providing links and resources online. The NBA, several of its franchises, and many of its star athletes are also asking people to vote in November. Speaking of athletes, Deion Sanders is back in the headlines. The former cornerback, a 2-time Super Bowl champion with the San Francisco 49ers and Dallas Cowboys, was announced as the new Head Coach at Jackson State University. The HBCU welcomed “Prime Time” to Jackson, MS earlier this week and Deion will start coaching the team in the spring of 2021. Someone who is also making a homecoming of sorts is Ellen DeGeneres. The comedian and talk show host kickstarted the 18th Season of her show with an apology for current and former employers over the toxic workplace environment at the show. After the first accusations became public in June, the show went through a significant overhaul and Ellen herself has promised to make changes and is prepared to start a new chapter in the show’s life. But is her apology enough for those who were disappointed in Ellen when the allegations first became public? After all, isn’t she the “be kind lady”? Forgiven not forgotten, maybe? Tell us what you think. Share your hot take with us!

Keep it Social: Episode 38

This week Bijan Stephen, Twitch Streamer and Live Streaming Reporter for The Verge, joins Paris and Terrence to discuss how Twitch is now much more than a platform for gaming enthusiasts to watch Call of Duty Tournaments or participate in Mortal Combat battles. Twitch may have started off as a platform designed for gamers, but during the pandemic the number of hours Twitch users spent on non-gaming channels has increased and these are now the most popular hangouts on the platform. Channels like “Just Chatting” are now more popular than top games streams like “League of Legends” and “Fortnite”. With the Twitch community constantly growing and changing, is this the best evidence that Twitch itself is evolving? Do you stream on Twitch? Do you watch Twitch Streamers? Let us know! We want to know what you are thinking!

Keep it Social: Episode 37

We’re back with Volume 7 of Hot Takes! This week our friend and New York Post Reporter Marisa Dellatto joins Paris and Terrence to discuss how celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Katy Perry froze their Instagram and Facebook accounts in support for #StopHateForProfit. The campaign is demanding that Facebook make verifiable changes to its content moderation policy in a bid to address the proliferation of racism, hate speech, and misinformation on its platform. Speaking of misinformation online, a new survey concludes that nearly two-thirds of US young adults are unaware of the 6 million lives lost in the Holocaust and falsehoods spread on social media likely played a role in that. Although Millennials and Gen-Zers are familiar with images of the Holocaust, much of the context surrounding these images denies or distorts history. On a lighter note, Democratic Vice-Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris shook the internet over her choice of footwear. While campaigning in Milwaukee, the Senator wore a pair of Chuck Taylor’s, and while surveying the damages caused by the fires in California, Kamala sported a pair of Timberland boots. The Internet had SO MUCH to say about this. Did you see these things as well? What do you think? Join the conversation and share your hot take with us.

Keep it Social: Episode 36

This week we have another installment of our special “Keep It Social 1-on-1” series. Our host Paris is joined be Roller skater extraordinaire and Instagram Influencer Jasmine Moore. Have you seen all the videos of people roller skating on TikTok and Reels? Did you read that roller skates sold out in the early days of the pandemic? There’s a Roller-skating revival across the United States, led by influencers like Ana Coto on social media. But within the African American community, roller skating never went away. Paris and Jasmine chat about the history of roller skating and its place inside Black culture. Jasmine explains what excites her about skating and why she thinks that, while it’s great to see so many new skaters, it’s important for all to be aware of the sport’s history. While skating is growing in popularity, skating rinks are closing across the country. Are they gone for good or can this influx of new skaters play a role in their recovery? Watch the show and join the conversation by letting us know what you think.

Keep it Social: Episode 35

This week is a special 1-on-1 episode of Keep It Social with Terrence. Director of Policy for Black and Pink Boston, Michael Cox, comes to talk with Terrence about the need for policing in America. In the wake of so much unrest in the country, the shooting of Jacob Blake only adds fuel to an already engulfed fire. They discuss how police officers spend their time, the intersections of reform and abolition, and what rehabilitation from the prison system looks like. What are your thoughts on the current police and prison system? We want to know. Come talk with us!

Keep it Social: Episode 34

We’re back with Volume 6 of Hot Takes! This week our friend and New York Post Reporter Marisa Dellatto joins Paris and Terrence to discuss the NBA player’s decision to boycott the playoffs in response to the shooting of Jacob Blake in Wisconsin – another unarmed black man shot by police officers. The players have since agreed to return to the courts, but protests against police brutality continue. Remember when the president said athletes should stick to sports? Well, it looks like his position has since changed as former NFL star Herschel Walker spoke at the Republican National Convention. Also, White House Advisor Kellyanne Conway and her husband George decided to retreat from public life for a while to focus on family after their daughter Claudia posted on social media that she was pushing for emancipation. Kellyanne announced she was leaving the Trump White House and George said he was stepping away from The Lincoln Project, where he was actively working to prevent a Trump win in November. Our question: How are they going to make it work? Join the conversation and enjoy the show!

Keep it Social: Episode 33

This week our friend and TikTok Creator Gianna Gravalese joins Paris and Terrence to talk about the impending TikTok ban in the United States. President Trump gave TikTok’s parent company, ByteDance, until November 12th to sell its U.S. operations to an American company. The social app phenomenon responded by filing a lawsuit against the Trump Administration for trying to impose the ban, arguing it is unconstitutional and should be blocked from taking effect. President Trump insists that the app is a threat to national security because it is owned by a company based in China. However, TikTok is denies sharing any information pertaining to its U.S. operations with the Chinese government. How are you feeling about this? We want to know! Come talk with us, right now!

Keep it Social: Episode 32

Volume 5 of our Hot Takes! This week our friend and New York Post Reporter Marisa Dellatto is back and ready to dish out some hot takes! Marisa joins Paris and Terrence to talk about President Trump pardoning Suffragist Susan B. Anthony on the centennial of the ratification of the 19th Amendment—giving women the right to vote in the United States. However, the internet wasn’t exactly happy with the decision. Also, Ellen DeGeneres is another woman that’s is in the forefront after allegations of her not treating her workers fairly. Some have speculated the allegations could bring Ellen down. Well, if that were to happen, who would replace her? We have a few ideas! One thing you do not have to worry about replacing is the ‘Bushwick Birkin’, also known as the Telfar shopping bag. The bag was sold out and many were sad about not having a chance to bring some luxury home. But, Telfar may have found the perfect solution with the ‘Telfar Bag Security Program’, ensuring that anyone who wants a bag will get a bag. That’s what luxury for all means! Come join the conversation!

Keep it Social: Episode 31

This week, social activist and Creator of @KarensGoingWilds Instagram Pavel Paulinich joins Paris and Terrence to talk about Karens all over, where the term came from, and why it has taken over social media. Pavel shares why it was important to document these incidents on social and how it relates to the larger conversations that are happening nationally. Have you ever met a ‘Karen’? Are you a ‘Karen’? We want to know! Join the conversation on Keep It Social.